Sri Lanka Trekking Club

Sri Lanka Trekking Club

Nature and wildife

Trekking – Hiking – Nature trails – Eco Adventure 

 In Sri Lanka 

Trekking in Ella – Trekking in Haputale –trekking in  Bandarawela – Trekking in Ohiya–  trekking in Belihuloya

Trekking in Sri Lanka


Community Based Tourism Organization



The Sri Lanka Trekking Club Is A Family Managed Organization That Organizes Trekking, Hiking, Walking, Nature, Adventure, Eco In Sri Lanka For Singles and Groups Trekking Club Run by Deen (Ceylon Tourist Board Tourist Guide Lecturer-No A/149) A Trekking Guide and Trekking Holiday Organizer with Good Experience with Western Tourists,

We Have More Than Twenty-Five Years’ Experience in The Field of Trekking as A Trekking Guide and Organizer. We Organize Trekking for Many Travel Agents and With Some We Have Worked for More Than Twenty-Five Years.

 Sri Lanka Has Something to Offer Everyone. On the Adventure Side of Eco-Tourism, It Is Probably in Trekking That Sri Lanka Has the Potential to Stake A Claim as A Premier Soft-Adventure Destination.

 The Trekker Can Experience Mountains with Panoramic View, Pine, Eucalyptus and Natural Rain Forests, The Grasslands, Waterfalls and Tea, Rubber, Coconut, Cocoa, Black Paper, Plantations, Paddy Fields and Scrub Jungle, Village Life, Flora & Fauna All in One-Day Walk.

We Organize Gentle/Moderate Trekking That Everybody Can Enjoy, And Hard Trekking for Those Who Need Some Real Adventure. Our Trekking Programs Are for One Day or Multi Days,

 And We Organize Trekking Tours to Suite Individual Needs and Requirements of All Nature We All Agree That Hiking Is One of The Best Ways to Explore A New Country or A New Area Because It Affords Us the Luxury to Stop and Smell the Flowers, To Get to Know the Locals, And to Take in All That Mother Nature Has to Offer. Trekking Is Best Attempted Initially with Someone Who Has Experience or In A Professionally Led Group. Experienced Trekking Guides Can Make Your Hike the Most Memorable Adventure Holiday

Trekking is a great bet for those who wish to keep their hearts healthy and agile. while trekking, a person has to climb up and down which making the heart pump blood with vigorously and building cardiac muscle.

Mental benefits Stress can disrupt your everyday life, causing health problems and depression. Trekking is a great way to reduce the stress in your life, because of the release of endorphins, which are known to make us happy! Taking in the fresh air and nature around you while trekking is a great way to help improve your mental health, and it is believed to also improve memory and functionality of the brain. Breathing in the fresh air, as well as seeing plants and animals can also give you a better appreciation of the world and a sense of calmness and joy.

Sri Lanka Trekking Club Team



Trekking in Sri Lanka

Trekking, Hiking, Walking, Nature, Adventure, Spiritual traveling in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka for Singles and Groups Trekking guide service in Bandarawela run by Deen (Ceylon Tourist Board tourist guide lecturer-No A/149) a trekking guide and trekking holiday organizer with good experience with western Tourists, We have more than fifteen years experience in the field of trekking as a trekking guide and organizer. We organize trekking for many travel agents and with some we have worked for more than fifteen years. Sri Lanka has something to offer everyone. On the adventure side of eco-tourism, it is probably in trekking that Sri Lanka has the potential to stake a claim as a premier soft-adventure destination. The trekker can experience mountains with Panoramic view, Pine, Eucalyptus and Natural Rain forests, the Grasslands, Water Falls and Tea,Rubber,Coconut,Cocowa,Black Paper, Plantations, paddy fields and scrub jungle, village life, Flora & Fauna all in one-day walk. We organize Gentle/Moderate trekking that everybody can enjoy, and hard trekking for those who need some real adventure. Our trekking programs are for one day or multi days, and we organize trekking tours to suite individual needs and requirements of all nature We all agree that hiking is one of the best ways to explore a new country or a new area because it affords us the luxury to stop and smell the flowers, to get to know the locals, and to take in all that Mother Nature has to offer. Trekking is best attempted initially with someone who has experience or in a professionally led group. Experienced trekking guides can make your Hike the most memorable adventure holiday

One thought on “Sri Lanka Trekking Club

  1. Deen

    To whom it may concern:
    We would like to our express our thanks to Deen and all his staff for making our trip to Sri Lanka a dream come true.
    A group of 15 Portuguese set out to an hiking adventure trip in Sri Lanka visiting the most wonderful places in the country. «Sri Lanka Trekking Nature Holidays» team treated us like family and our trip began wonderfully and remained so until the end.
    They took care of all the needs of each participant as well as the entire group and also they predict every detail with the most care and attention. Every aspect of the trip was carefully thought out and planned with great consideration for the benefit of the group.
    Last but not least we want to thank Mr. Deen for guiding us personally. His knowledge, kindness and humor makes him a great traveling companion. With your extremely joyous company all group agreed you were fantastic, warm and very friendly.
    Thanks again for this great trip and be sure that we will certainly get in touch again when we plan our next trip to Sri Lanka
    If anyone would like to know more about our trip and our experience with Mr. Deen and «Sri Lanka Trekking Nature Holidays» fell free to e-mail us … you are welcome!
    In the link below you can see and download a little selection of photos of the trip and you can use them if you wish … and two more videos of Pedro’s & Lidia party.
    Thanks again Deen for all the work that you have with us… when the opportunity arrives we hope to see you in Portugal. Keep in touch
    Kind regards
    Nuno Coutinho
    Nuno Manuel A Coutinho

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